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Classes Offered

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Baby Ballet

Ages 18 months - 26 months

​Baby Ballet is the first opportunity our little ones have to dance! The class is constantly moving, utilizing props and fun songs along the way. Dancers will focus on developing gross motor skills, following directions, and learning basic dance moves in a fun and engaging classroom environment. Parents are able to sit inside the classroom if needed.



Ages 7 & Up

​Dancers will begin every class at the barre to warm up with before moving into the center for jumps, turns, and combinations to practice their new steps. Positions of the feet, arm, and body will be taught along with challenging yet attainable skills. Ballet class is a fun, child-friendly classroom environment that builds our dancers’ technique to be used in any style of dance. 

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Hip Hop 

Ages 5 & Up

​Hip Hop classes begin with a dynamic warm-up and body isolations to get dancers ready for class. Students will then be taught new steps before moving on to a combination where their new skills are put to use. Hip Hop is a fun class, utilizing upbeat music as the background for our dancers’ confidence shining through!

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Based on Level

​Dancers with ballet experience have the possibility of dancing en pointe like a professional ballerina! After teacher approval and a personalized pointe shoe fitting, students will work to develop their foot and ankle strength at the barre. They will then be able to complete steps and combinations in center while en pointe!

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Tiny Two's

Ages 2-3

​Tiny Two’s is open to first-time dancers or those who have completed Baby Ballet. The class moves at the pace of our little ones, constantly changing activities so they stay engaged. Dancers will utilize props and fun songs while developing gross motor skills, following directions, and learning basic dance steps. Parents are encouraged to watch from outside of the classroom.

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Ages 7 & Up

​Tap dance connects dancers to the rhythm of the music, making sounds with their tap shoes while dancing. Dancers will learn basic steps and how they combine into larger movements, progressing in difficulty throughout the year. Classes will strengthen tap technique while introducing challenging yet attainable steps in a fun and encouraging environment.



Ages 4 & Up

​Acrodance places safety above all else, but fun is very close behind! Dancers will begin each class with a warm-up and thorough stretching to ensure they are ready for class. The classes are taught new tricks, but each dancer will have the opportunity to work at their own pace to master each skill. Dancers will have the opportunity to learn forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, and more!

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Ages 2.5 - 7

​Open to beginning dancers or those with some experience, our Ballet/Tap classes are one hour long, split into thirty minutes of ballet and thirty minutes of tap. Both will focus on learning basic positions and steps while incorporating fun songs, props, and activities to keep the children engaged.



Ages 7 & Up

​Jazz classes begin with a fun warmup, body isolations, and proper stretching to safely increase students’ flexibility. Dancers learn fun jazz steps, including kicks, turns, and jumps. Jazz builds off technique practiced in ballet, adding style and musicality across all genres. Steps will increase in complexity as dancer progresses, but will always be taught in a fun and friendly manner.



Ages 8 & Up

​Contemporary focuses on connecting each dancer to their mind, body, and emotions. Technique learned in ballet is utilized as dancers use their bodies to tell a story through fluid movements. New skills will be taught in a fun and engaging manner, placing emphasis on controlling the body as each dancer moves with intention and purpose.

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